Friday, May 20, 2011

Late post is late!

Sorry guys, I completely forgot last week's update. Grant it, we almost had to cancel our meeting last week on account of ASO apparently not keeping tabs on what fucking clubs they register. But bullshit aside, we have three meetings left this semester. First a quick recap. Last week we enjoyed the odd but delightful Otaku no Video, an exaggerated tale on how Studio Gainax came to be. It was followed by another installment in this semesters most popular show, Gaku no Tsukai. This time our favorite comedians were forced to stay in a hot spring overnight without laughing. Any laughter whatsoever resulted in a blow-dart to the ass.

This week...(sigh.) You know, running an anime club isn't as easy as it seems. Coming up with four hours of programming every week can be considerably difficult. That's why we have our Whateverthefuck Days! As many of you know, WETFD's result when can't come up with a single show to watch and I let you guys decide. We'll still spend the second half of our meeting today with a feature length presentation. It will likely be Crayon Shin Chan- The Adult Empire Strikes Back, but we'll see.

See you tonight! Same time and same place this week, I swear!

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