Friday, December 9, 2011

This Week's Schedule 12/09/11

It's been a while since the last update. That's probably because apparently no one in the club actually checks the site. So next semester (hopefully) we'll be putting greater emphasis on blog updates so that everyone can be up to speed.

This week may or may be our last week of the semester. It all comes down to everyone's Final situation. But regardless, we'll FINALLY be checking out another Batsu Game! "No Laughing Onsens 2003."

If we have time, we may also check out a movie I've been wanting your reactions on for quite some time. But I won't spoil it here. We'll have to wait and see.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

No Meeting This Week! 11/11/11

It looks like the campus is going to be closed this Friday, so we will be postponing our next meeting to the following Friday. (I promise it has nothing to do with Skyrim.)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Shedule for 10/28/11


We'll be celebrating one of my favorite holidays with the conclusion of High School of the Dead (ep. 9-12). After the break, we'll be following up with a yet to be determined J-Horror flick. (we can thank a lot of dead torrents for this one.)

See you there!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Schedule For 10/21/2011

What's this? A punctual update?!

Due to the positive response we got from last week's High School of the Dead mini-marathon, it appears we'll be continuing on with the show for the rest of the month. In the spirit of Halloween, we'll be watching High School of the Dead episodes 5-8. After our break, we'll then follow up with the a film we should have watched years ago. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust! It's one of my personal favorites in the horror genre yet nobody seems to acknowledge it as horror at all.

See you this Friday. Same time, same place!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Schedule for 10/14/11

This past Friday we had changed it up a little and started with a feature length movie, One Piece: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island. Everyone seemed to like it so if everyone's down I don't think we'll ever have a shortage of One Piece to show. We also had a couple of new shows for this season, Hunter X Hunter (2011), Persona 4 (which is almost like an animated strategy guide).

As for this coming Friday, we'll be viewing the brand new Gundam series, Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. Let's cross our fingers than Bandai isn't wasting our time again with this one. I for one will probably never forgive them for Gundam 00. We'll also have something Halloween themed for you as well. I'll be updating the final schedule by the end of the week.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Schedule for 9/30/11

Man I gotta do a better job keeping up with this. Sorry for last week's lack of update. (Many a mishap at work) Anyway, here are a few titles we have lined up so far for you tonight.

Manwaru Penguindrum Ep. 3
Usagi Drop Ep. 1


Eden of the East: Paradise Lost

Friday, September 16, 2011


Hey everyone. Time Warner apparently decided that I didn't need high speed internet and slowed my connection down to below dial-up standards. Unfortunately this all happened when I was suppose to be making the schedule. So it might be a little wonky this week but we've still got plenty of anime to watch.

JOJO'S BIZZARE ADVENTURE (EP. 1 or 8 depending on your point of view.)



Sunday, September 4, 2011

Friday's Pending Schedule

Here are a few titles we have lined up for you so far this week. As usual, it is subject to change at anytime.




Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's That Time Again!

What's up everyone. It's time for another semester of anime and anime-related goodness. We will start our weekly Genshiken meetings starting next Friday September 9th at 6pm. We will be using the same room as last semester, room 91120 in the Center for the Sciences. We'll be sure to have our schedule up in the next few days. See you all there!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another Semester Bites the Dust!

Hard to believe the semester's over already. Well yours truly will be graduating this year, FINALLY! It's been another fun semester and I'm looking forward to fall. Hopefully we can have a few more activities outside of club.

This week we'll be ending with a bang. You love em', we got em', and we're gonna keep on giving them to you! It's The Batsu Games, specifically "No Laughing Spy!" This week we're meeting an hour earlier than usual, 5pm, since this is easily the longest Batsu Game to date running at about five hours! This time around Matsumoto-san and the gang spend the day pretending to be spies. But if they so much as chuckle they get punished. Hope to see you all there!

Friday, May 20, 2011


Early this semester I promised two things, a fighting game tournament and a FLCL marathon. Unfortunately I was unable to fulfill my promise of a fighting game tournament. (I'm thinking maybe we need to seek a new venue) But next week, we will be marathoning one of the zaniest, craziest, yet surprisingly straightforward anime of all time, FLCL! So get your scooters and guitars ready grow up, cause it's all FLCL all night (...ok 10pm)

Late post is late!

Sorry guys, I completely forgot last week's update. Grant it, we almost had to cancel our meeting last week on account of ASO apparently not keeping tabs on what fucking clubs they register. But bullshit aside, we have three meetings left this semester. First a quick recap. Last week we enjoyed the odd but delightful Otaku no Video, an exaggerated tale on how Studio Gainax came to be. It was followed by another installment in this semesters most popular show, Gaku no Tsukai. This time our favorite comedians were forced to stay in a hot spring overnight without laughing. Any laughter whatsoever resulted in a blow-dart to the ass.

This week...(sigh.) You know, running an anime club isn't as easy as it seems. Coming up with four hours of programming every week can be considerably difficult. That's why we have our Whateverthefuck Days! As many of you know, WETFD's result when can't come up with a single show to watch and I let you guys decide. We'll still spend the second half of our meeting today with a feature length presentation. It will likely be Crayon Shin Chan- The Adult Empire Strikes Back, but we'll see.

See you tonight! Same time and same place this week, I swear!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pending Schedule for 5/6/11

Last week we watched Gurren Lagann movies 1 and 2 back to back. Needless to say it was badass!! So the question is, how do we follow that up? Well, we're still working on that. But here's what we have so far for sure.

After a long delay, the final two episodes of Madoka are here. Without spoiling anything, let's just say that Madoka can now be described as Cardcaptor Sakura meets Higurashi meets The End of Evangelion.

BATSU GAMES TASTE TEST (may not be the actual title. oh well!)
From the guys that brought you Haunted Hotel and 24 Hour Tag Game comes a taste testing game where Matsumoto-san and the gang must taste all kinds of "food" made out of chocolate. This one's a bit on the short side but hilarious none the less.

Taeko takes a vacation to the farmlands to get away from the city life. Along the way, she reminisces about what her life was like when she was still a child, and how her decisions as a little girl led to what her life is today. This is one of my all time favorite anime films and one of the few Studio Ghibli films we have yet to view in our club. Directed by Isao Takahata (Grave of the Fireflies, Pom Poko).

Sunday, April 17, 2011

SPRING BREAK!!!! A Recap, Next Meeting's Schedule, and SPRING BREAK!!!

As I'm sure you're all aware, it's Spring Break this week. So no meetings until April 29th. Here's a quick recap of our previous meeting. Remember all that stuff I said we were going to watch? Well we saw about half of it. Due to technical difficulties we were unable to watch Otaku no Video and due to general disinterest we did not show Ebichu. Instead we watched the unbelievably bizarre Nichijou (My Ordinary Life) which is incompressible so I won't even bother to explain it. Just know that it's weird. We also watched episode 1 of the hilarious super hero satire series Tiger and Bunny.

As for our next meeting, get ready to pierce the heavens with your drill! That's right folks, it's a double feature of Gurren Lagann The Movie: At Childhood's End and Gurren Lagann The Movie: The Crimson Lotus Chapter! It's going to be four hours of awesome! If you've never seen this incredible anime series, now's your chance to witness one of the most widely critically acclaimed anime series in the last 15 years!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oops, missed a week! And our schedule for 4/15/2011

You'll have to forgive me for forgetting to post last week's schedule. I wasn't here, but from the sounds of it, it looks like we need to watch more Ebichu.

This week it's:

- The show that introduced sex and blood to Hamtaro fans all over the world (via piracy). What more needs to be said? From Studio Gainax (Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gunbuster, Gurren Lagaan)

- An exaggerated (to say the absolute least) tale of how Studio Gainax got their start. Featuring mock interviews with the stereotypical 90's otaku, this anime was actually a little controversial as some felt that Gainax was making fun of its own fan base. But as long as you have a sense of humor, I'm sure you'll be fine.

- The super-hero animated reality show that is quickly gaining recognition as the best new anime of the season.

- After witnessing the suicide bombing of a terrorist girl, Constable Kazuki Fuse becomes haunted by her image, and is forced to undergo retraining for his position in the Capital Police's Special Unit. However, unknown to him, he becomes a key player in a dispute between Capital and Local Police forces, as he finds himself increasingly involved with the sister of the very girl he saw die. (Description taken from Anime News Network.) This film is notable for being written by Mamoru Oshii (Ghost in the Shell, The Sky Crawlers, Urusei Yatsura 2: The Beautiful Dreamer)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Schedule for 4/1/11

Here's the schedule for our upcoming meeting.

We've come this far, why stop? Especially since all forthcoming episodes of Madoka have been postponed to sometime in April. Might as well catch up. Besides, this is where things get really fucked up.

After the shocking revelation in episode 3, Banagher must now cope with his new life on the planet of the apes.


Shinji and the gang face their toughest challenge yet when they finally reach the Mordor. Meanwhile, Misato and her NERV colleges must face an onslaught of orcs and angels.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Schedule for 3/25/11

As per usual, our schedule is subject to change.

Just when you thought things couldn't get worse for Madoka and friends...well it gets worse. Enjoy!

We continue with the what I still feel is the best Gundam series since the 90's. Episode three sot be released by April.

Continuing with our apparent theme of fucked up mahou shoujo anime, we'll be checking out the infamous Dokuro-chan. Basically, imagine life with a cute angel living by your side whose always there for you. And by "always there for you" I mean she constantly kills you and resurrects you so she can distract you from doing your homework because apparently in the future you develop a lolita complex and scientifically prevent women from aging past 12. Yup.

It's back! The show that made you believe that scaring the shit out of people and/or hitting them with things will always be funny provided they happen to be comedians. That's right, from the people that gave us the Haunted Hotel, comes the prequel that has our hosts in a gym getting screwed with nonstop for two hours.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Good times and our schedule for 3/18/11

Last week's meeting was a blast. Looks like Puella Magi Madoka Magica has a permanent spot on our line up. We're at the half way point and it only gets more messed up from here. But clearly the highlight of the evening was Gaku no Tsukai (a.k.a. The Batsu Games) How could you not enjoy watching someone get the shit scared out of them every five minutes all night long. Considering how enthusiastic the response to this show was, it looks like we'll be seeing more Batsu Games throughout the semester.

Here's what we have so far for next week. (PS, I promise I'll have the schedule up faster next week.)

The most shocking anime series of the current season is about to get even more twisted. This is the half way point. It's all downhill from here.

Banagher Links finds himself separated from his class when he persues a mysterious girl who calls herself Audrey Hurne. What follows changes the course of his life as well as the fate of humanity. (I'll give you a hint, it involves a Gundam!) All joking aside in my opinion, this is by far the best Gundam series since the 08th MS Team back in 1999.


Based on the ever popular fighting game, the cast of the original classic duke it out to determine whose the world's strongest fighter. Presented uncut in all of its Chun-Li T&A glory. While personally I'm a big fan of this movie, it is pretty silly and not to be taken too seriously. So perhaps this might turn into our first Mystery Science Theater feature.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Schedule for 3/11/11

I must say that I'm so glad to see everyone embracing our older anime titles as well as our new ones. You have no idea how much it frustrates me when people who call themselves "anime fans" refuse to acknowledge some of the classics that inspired some of todays most popular titles. As I stated from the beginning, one of my goals for this club was the blend the old with the new. Once again, thank you everyone for being so open minded.

Here's what we have lined up for this week. (Subject to change so check frequently.)

Now that we've met the guys, it's time to get to know the girl. Saki is determined to get her potential lover out of the Genshiken club. But perhaps she's being a little too closed minded.

So yeah...episode 3. That was soul-crushingly horrifying. Let's watch more! Madoka is beginning to see that being a magical girl isn't all that it's cracked up to be. And just what are these mysterious witches that they're contracted to fight? What what is the purpose of mysterious Soul Gems? Find out at least one of these things in episode 4.

One year has passed since Marco's mother left for Argentina. She has found steady work and continues to support her family from afar. Meanwhile Marco, whose recently come to terms with his mother's departure, is hard at work to earn money to help support the family and one day bring his mother back home.

[Slot 4 Pending]


One of the funniest shows ever made. Gaki No Tsukai is a Japanese variety show. Many know this series for their Batsu Games, where the cast is not allowed to laugh for 24 hours or they are punished (generally by getting whipped or hit with something. Ouch!) But this particular episode takes place in a "haunted" hotel, where one cast member is forced to spend the night there. However the crew spends pretty much the entire night scaring the living shit out of him. It's priceless.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Schedule for 3/04/11

This week's Club Rush was a big hit. We managed to give away all of our plushies. I'd like to thank everyone who participated this semester. Looks like we'll be having a few extra people this week. By the way, I would just like to everyone know that although we have an idea of what kind of shows we want the screen this semester we could always use some help and are always open for suggestions. This Friday's schedule will be:

- This is episode of Studio Shaft's (Bakemonogatari, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei) twisted take on the magical girl genre caused quite a stir. In fact it's become so controversial that the entire franchise is now facing a possible cancellation. Better enjoy it while we can.

- I don't think we could could call ourselves Genshiken without paying tribute to our namesake. After all, it's a series about an Japanese media college club. I think we can relate to this one.

LEVEL E (Ep. 1)
- Wouldn't it suck if you moved into your new apartment only to find some guy wearing your clothes who claims to be an alien who intends to freeload off you? Based on the manga by Yoshihiro Togashi (Yu Yu Hakusho, Hunter X Hunter)

- The story of a little boy who leaves his home of Italy to search for his mother in Argentina. This classic anime series was directed by Studio Ghibli co-founder Isao Takahata (Only Yesterday, Grave of the Fireflies) and among his staff was the legendary Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke)

- Director Mamoru Oshii (Ghost in the Shell, The Sky Crawlers) turns Rumiko Takahashi's (Inuyasha, Ranma 1/2, Maison Ikkoku) goofball harem comedy and turns it into one of the most deceivingly thought-provoking anime films ever made.

See you Friday! Same time same place.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Welcome To Genshiken!

Hello, and welcome to the Genshiken Anime Club's new blog. Here you will find updates on our schedules and upcoming club-related events. Our first meeting will be tonight in the usual place and time, 6:00pm in the Center for the Sciences in room 91120.

As for what's on our viewing schedule, we'll be kicking off the semester with the following:

- One of the more unique anime series of the current season. This show promises to explore and breakdown the magical girl genre. Don't let the cute images fool you, this show gets quite dark. From Studio Shaft (Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Bakemonogatari)

TOUCH (ep. 1)
- A classic anime series based on the legendary manga by Mitsuru Adachi (Katsu!, Cross Game, Q and A). This one's rarely seen, or heard of for that matter, in the U.S. It tells the story about two twins and their relationship with their next door neighbor. Oh, and there's baseball too! Fun fact, Touch was one of the highest rated television shows in Japan's history when it was originally broadcast in 1985.

- The tale of a young boy whose destiny is to lead a group of knights in a mystical land that happens to be located in the NES game he just beat. (I've been meaning to show this one for quite some time :)

- And last but most certainly not least, we have AMV Hell 5. For those of you who are new to the concept of AMV Hell, think of it as Robot Chicken but with anime clips. Those of you who were with us last semester remember we had a few technical difficulties and were forced to watch AMV Hell 5 on Youtube...where we experienced more technical difficulties. Well now we have a much better quality version of AMV Hell 5 that is sure to delight.

See you tonight!