Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another Semester Bites the Dust!

Hard to believe the semester's over already. Well yours truly will be graduating this year, FINALLY! It's been another fun semester and I'm looking forward to fall. Hopefully we can have a few more activities outside of club.

This week we'll be ending with a bang. You love em', we got em', and we're gonna keep on giving them to you! It's The Batsu Games, specifically "No Laughing Spy!" This week we're meeting an hour earlier than usual, 5pm, since this is easily the longest Batsu Game to date running at about five hours! This time around Matsumoto-san and the gang spend the day pretending to be spies. But if they so much as chuckle they get punished. Hope to see you all there!

Friday, May 20, 2011


Early this semester I promised two things, a fighting game tournament and a FLCL marathon. Unfortunately I was unable to fulfill my promise of a fighting game tournament. (I'm thinking maybe we need to seek a new venue) But next week, we will be marathoning one of the zaniest, craziest, yet surprisingly straightforward anime of all time, FLCL! So get your scooters and guitars ready grow up, cause it's all FLCL all night (...ok 10pm)

Late post is late!

Sorry guys, I completely forgot last week's update. Grant it, we almost had to cancel our meeting last week on account of ASO apparently not keeping tabs on what fucking clubs they register. But bullshit aside, we have three meetings left this semester. First a quick recap. Last week we enjoyed the odd but delightful Otaku no Video, an exaggerated tale on how Studio Gainax came to be. It was followed by another installment in this semesters most popular show, Gaku no Tsukai. This time our favorite comedians were forced to stay in a hot spring overnight without laughing. Any laughter whatsoever resulted in a blow-dart to the ass.

This week...(sigh.) You know, running an anime club isn't as easy as it seems. Coming up with four hours of programming every week can be considerably difficult. That's why we have our Whateverthefuck Days! As many of you know, WETFD's result when can't come up with a single show to watch and I let you guys decide. We'll still spend the second half of our meeting today with a feature length presentation. It will likely be Crayon Shin Chan- The Adult Empire Strikes Back, but we'll see.

See you tonight! Same time and same place this week, I swear!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pending Schedule for 5/6/11

Last week we watched Gurren Lagann movies 1 and 2 back to back. Needless to say it was badass!! So the question is, how do we follow that up? Well, we're still working on that. But here's what we have so far for sure.

After a long delay, the final two episodes of Madoka are here. Without spoiling anything, let's just say that Madoka can now be described as Cardcaptor Sakura meets Higurashi meets The End of Evangelion.

BATSU GAMES TASTE TEST (may not be the actual title. oh well!)
From the guys that brought you Haunted Hotel and 24 Hour Tag Game comes a taste testing game where Matsumoto-san and the gang must taste all kinds of "food" made out of chocolate. This one's a bit on the short side but hilarious none the less.

Taeko takes a vacation to the farmlands to get away from the city life. Along the way, she reminisces about what her life was like when she was still a child, and how her decisions as a little girl led to what her life is today. This is one of my all time favorite anime films and one of the few Studio Ghibli films we have yet to view in our club. Directed by Isao Takahata (Grave of the Fireflies, Pom Poko).